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Who we are.

Digital Business has been active from several years in the professional services market for the integration of Management Consulting  & Information Technology world focused on Digital Transformations, Mobile Technologies, Value Added Services and  Security , Compliance & Data Protection Services.

Digital Business was created by professionals from the world of Management Consulting and the Information Technology world, and makes use of qualified consultants working in the Security and Compliance sectors for many years.

We have consolidated experience of Software Development and implementation with different and modern cloud architectures, with the ability to support the whole testing, implementation and post activation support.

Our Data protection services ( GDPR)

Data Protection is now very as important as , the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), set to take effect on 25th May 2018, will place significant legal responsibilities on organizations that collect, store or process personal data.

There are new Duties and Responsibility for manage EU Citizens Personal Data , wherever they are located, both for Business and it’s whole supply chain

Applies to all Organizations and Professionals (although EU Citizen Personal Data treatment is carried out outside the EU)

GDPR imposes very heavy fines ( up to 4% of the annual Turnover worldwide  recorder in the last balance sheet or 20.000.00 EUR )

We understand the importance of data for your business and the relevant implications of a data breach. Our team of consultants work with businesses to provide supports and solutions on a range of data protection issues and can help you to reach GDPR compliance across your different data , no matter of what architecture you have

We can help to implement Best Practice both for Privacy By Design and Data Protection by default , as mandatory for starting new services



GDPR Assessment :
we provide a full scope Gap Analysis, with visibility of all most critical aspects of organizational, technological, information and networks security, legal, contracts, and many other aspects as required by GDPR law


GDPR Trainings :
a range of Training to support your business to take understand and evaluate impacts and address changes across your organization :
High level Overview of GDPR regulation and major expected impacts and changes
In depth  explanation of expected GPDR impacts over Major Departments (Procurement, HR, IT Services, Marketing, ...)
illustration of the most relevant Articles impacting each of the departments analyzed



Data breach support and Regulatory Registers

We can help to  validate your Data breach processes in order to comply with strict GDPR regulation requirements  and to support your organization to document, create and update mandatory Registers such as  :
- Data Process Registers
- Data Breach Notification
- mandate to notify the authorities of Data Breaches within 72 hours



Privacy Impact Assessment ( DPIA )
Privacy By Design :

support to setup and validate your approach to Privacy by Design and data protection by default, as required by law to be used for every new process or service or technology changes in your organization



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